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Enneagram Community

What We Offer

Organization Development

Businesses are beginning to discover the benefits of using the Enneagram in training programs and organizational change initiatives. The Enneagram has proven invaluable in helping individuals within an organization to understand their personal style, to work more effectively with others and to manage the challenges and opportunities of working in the organization.

Frequently requested topics are:

  • Leadership 
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Change
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Creating High-Performance Teams

What is Your Type?

Nine typing tests will give you an initial idea of two or three types that seem to describe you. Since the Enneagram is based on understanding yourself from the inside out, and on the underlying motivation for behaviors rather than the behaviors themselves, a thorough typing interview will give you a clearer and more reliable picture of your actual type structure.

We offer comprehensive typing interviews to guide you on your journey.

Enneagram Workshops

We offer a variety of introductory and advanced workshops for your group or organization. The content of each workshop is customized to meet your group's interests. Some of our most popular are:

  • Introduction to the Enneagram
  • Spiritual Development
  • Enneagram Subtypes
  • Relationship Building
  • Relaxing Reactivity

Individual and Couples Counseling

Rick has over 30 years experience in individual,  couples and family  counseling and offers private sessions for individuals and couples. He uses the Enneagram as a tool in therapy sessions.

Executive and Personal Coaching

The number one predictor of success in business is emotional intelligence . . . NOT experience, NOT education. Your success is determined by how well you manage yourself and how well you relate to others.

Rick offers private professional coaching to help give you that edge to take you to the next level in your organization or in your personal life.

Enneagram Panel Nights

At the very heart of the Narrative Tradition in Enneagram teaching is the panel interview. The most effective way to learn the Enneagram and recognize personality differences is through people speaking from their own experience. It gives us a deeper understanding of the types and a compassion for their suffering that is simply not available from reading or lecture. The panel interviews bring the Enneagram alive through meaningful conversations and insights, and the most authentic and reliable way to get to know the types.

We offer quarterly Panels & Pot Luck, where the community and friends gather for the panel interviews, and stay for a pot-luck dinner with time to relax and visit with panelists other Enneagram enthusiasts.

For information about any of these offerings, please contact us at bradstreeet@enneagramcentraltexas.com

Enneagram Learning Community

The Learning Community meets once a month, generally on the third Thursday. Our goal is to create a place where individuals and couples can delve deeper into the rich teachings of the Enneagram and use it for personal and spiritual growth. Each month we address a different aspect of the Enneagram, and the session includes some new information, discussion and sharing of personal discoveries. Monthly attendance is encouraged to build a community experience, but is not required.