Our Ever-loving Quest to Control our Lives

Thursday, April 18, 2019
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. 

When we are on our game, we feel like we are successful and bullet-proof. We are thrown off when things are "out of control," or a monkey-wrench gets thrown into our perfect plan. We don't like the feeling of instability, loss of control; and we get reactive, and we come up with strategies to get that feeling back.

We seldom think of this experience as being in control; but that is exactly what it is. Most of our lives are spent in a quest to gain control over our world. In nine different ways, we try to wrestle the world to the ground to keep us feeling secure, comfortable and loved.

Please join us in April as we explore the subtle ways we try to influence the world and the people in it to make us feel safe, like we belong, and to conform to our expectations. We will explore what might happen if we stopped. Would we be more free? Less anxious, less driven by the need for comfort? More in love with life as it is?

Let's see what we discover together.

Rick & Lesley's House
8308 Appalachian Drive, Austin 78759

Cost: $15/person 

R.S.V.P: bradstreet@enneagramcentraltexas.com

The Enneagram
A Spiritual Tool for Transformation
Led by Sue Brooks

Saturday, April 27
3:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Human Potential Center
2007 Bert Ave (near Ben White & Manchaca)

Donations Welcome!
$10 fee for 1.5 hours CEUs available

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Contact Sue Brooks, M.A., L.P.C. for more info

South Austin Meetup

Classes, workshops and seminars in the Narrative Tradition in the Austin area and around Central Texas.

​Lots of Enneagram going on in and around Austin!

Panel Series

Join the Meetup where the South Austin group will spend the first Tuesday of each month exploring a different type through the Narrative Enneagram's panel method. There will be three (or more) people on each panel, who all identity as the same type, sharing what it's like to be their type. There is no better way to gain a deep and nuanced understanding of a type than to see it demonstrated through the panel method.

Type 4 Panel:   Tuesday, May 7

Hosted by Abi, Cat & Hannah

7:30-9:00 p.m.

Space is limited!

Tickets are $15 each and likely to sell out. Snag one now to save your spot!

Purchase tickets here

May:  Type 4

June:  Type 5

July:  Type 6

August:  Type 7

September:  Type 8

​October:  Type 9

​Austin Relational Wellness

​4425 So. Mopac Expy, Austin 78735

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Hosted by Abi Robins

Enneagram Community

Conscious Construction is a podcast about the day to day, down to earth work of transforming

our world, our relationships, and most importantly, ourselves.

Join Abi every Thursday on your favorite podcast app, or on her home page as she dives into

topics like yoga, the enneagram, relationships, spirituality, personal growth, and probably Star

Wars at some point. She will be sitting down each week with some of the world's top experts in

their field as well as neighbors from down the street and best friends from across the country.

No matter who's on the other side of the microphone, though, one thing you can count on: you'll be listening to someone who knows how to walk their talk and live out the ideas and beliefs they hold dear. 

Be sure to click the subscribe button on your podcast player and leave a review if you enjoy what you hear.


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“Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. It is won by disregarding things
that lie beyond our control.” 

                                                                                                ― Epictetus

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