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Finding our Way Home
The Path to Transformation

Thursday, February 21, 2019
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. 
R.S.V.P: bradstreet@enneagramcentraltexas.com



Rick & Lesley's House
8308 Appalachian Drive, Austin 78759

Cost: $15/person  

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Everyone is welcome!

Yogi's Guide to the Enneagram

Enneagram Community

Enneagram Community

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of austin

                                                                  “Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.”

                                                                                                                                                     Heather Ash Amara

The beautiful thing about the Enneagram is that it doesn't just give us a description of our style or put a label on us; it doesn't put us in a box. Instead, it offers us a path to noticing how and when our type impacts our lives and a method for relaxing it.

In January, we explored the emotional habits of our type -- the heart-centered habit that arises when we are triggered, and that we carry around most of the time without even noticing.

This month we will look at where we go when we are able to relax from our identification with the habits of our type; how we can notice and relax our emotional habit; how we can learn to make space to allow the virtue, or essence quality, of our type to arise, and how we can become more present to ourselves and receptive to spiritual experience. 

You do not need to have attended the January meeting . . . everyone is welcome in February!

Classes, workshops and seminars in the Narrative Tradition in the Austin area and around Central Texas.

​Lots of Enneagram going on in and around Austin!

What's Happening

Live the Connections

Upcoming Workshops in Austin


Hosted by Abi Robins

Saturday, March 23 , 2019       
12:00 PM  4:30 PM

$35 Part 1

​$25 Part 2

                                                                                                                                                                  Serasana, Dripping Springs

                                                                                                                                                              166 Hargraves Drive, Austin, TX, 78737

​The Enneagram of Personalities is more than just another personality typing system; it serves as a map of your inner landscape and a guide to your truest self.

It is a psycho-spiritual personal development tool, like the owners manual for your personality.

The Enneagram marks out 9 basic styles, an expression that influenced Dante’s The Divine Comedy and Homer’s Odyssey. Each personality archetype is determined by its patterned and habitual over or under use of each of the 3 centers of a human: intellectual, emotional, and instinctual or moving center.

This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. You’ll discover your Enneagram type and learn the basics of how you can use your yoga practice to transform your life.

Yogi’s Guide to the Enneagram Part 2 will be offered for anyone who’s taken Part 1 and wants to go deeper into understanding the Enneagram through the Yogic lens. Part 2 will include movement, breathing and meditation targeted to your type. You’ll learn how the Enneagram relates to the modern Chakra system and you’ll leave with a practice tailored to your personality designed to help you regain balance and grow from a place of grounded presence.

Conscious Construction is a podcast about the day to day, down to earth work of transforming

our world, our relationships, and most importantly, ourselves.

Join Abi every Thursday on your favorite podcast app, or on her home page as she dives into

topics like yoga, the enneagram, relationships, spirituality, personal growth, and probably Star

Wars at some point. She will be sitting down each week with some of the world's top experts in

their field as well as neighbors from down the street and best friends from across the country.

No matter who's on the other side of the microphone, though, one thing you can count on: you'll be listening to someone who knows how to walk their talk and live out the ideas and beliefs they hold dear. 

Be sure to click the subscribe button on your podcast player and leave a review if you enjoy what you hear.


Panel Series

Join the Meetup where the South Austin group will spend the first Tuesday of each month exploring a different type through the Narrative Enneagram's panel method. There will be three (or more) people on each panel, who all identity as the same type, sharing what it's like to be their type. There is no better way to gain a deep and nuanced understanding of a type than to see it demonstrated through the panel method.

Tuesday, March 5
7:30-9:00 p.m.

Space is limited!

Tickets are $15 each and likely to sell out. Snag one now to save your spot!

Purchase tickets here

March:  Type 2

April:  Type 3

May:  Type 4

June:  Type 5

July:  Type 6

August:  Type 7

September:  Type 8

​October:  Type 9

​Austin Relational Wellness

​4425 So. Mopac Expy, Austin 78735

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